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I was sitting across this woman, who appeared to be in her thirtiess and was dressed like a secretary. She had on a miniskirt and barely black pantyhose that were sheer, which were becoming fashionable at the time, and black high heel pumps. I was mesmerized by her long legs and how beautiful the curves of her thighs, legs and ankles were.

Due to the motion of the train, she had fallen asleep and therefore unaware that her skirt had risen, showing the inside of her pantyhose thighs. I was riveted as her legs would part, exposing more and more.

The sunlight coming through the subway car window hit her legs, causing her black colored pantyhose to shine. Seeing that no one was else was around I slunk down in my seat to get a better view. My cock hardening as I saw all the way up her thighs. Because of the sunlight I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties, her pussy was exposed. I enjoyed this view until she abruptly woke up and got off the train.

It was a priceless moment. I remember jerking off to the thought of her legs and pussy; imagining just how nice it would have felt to touch her. Years later, as I joined the work force and had to take the subway to and from work. I developed a fetish; I loved to rub and grope unsuspecting women. The crowded NYC subway system facilitated my “hobbie” quite well. I would roam the subway system during rush hours in search for a woman to my liking.

I found that the best place for the “hunt”, as I called it, was at the 59th Street station on Lexington Ave. Not only was it extremely crowded but since it was a hub for connecting trains and being in Midtown Manhattan the women were spectacular! There were secretaries, office types, nurses with short white uniforms, you name it. It was heaven for me!

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